Ukrainian Biological Data Science Summer School

Uzhhorod, Ukraine

July 7 - 20, 2024

About the School 

The two-week Ukrainian Biological Data Science Summer School in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, 7-20 July 2024, teaches basic and advanced methods of bioinformatics and computational data analysis of modern data types in biology. It comprises lectures covering underlying theory and concepts and practical exercises during the first week, and hands-on participation in mini-research projects during the second week of the school.

The topics of the school will cover the analysis of omics data (i.e. proteomics/transcriptomics/ genomics/meta-omics, etc), computational neuroscience, quantitative/statistical/functional/evolutionary genetics, quantitative ecology and population biology, phylogenetics/phylogenomics - and multiple more specialized topics. Check out the full list here!

The students will have an opportunity to practice and/or learn programming in R & Python, image analysis, data analysis & visualization, use of common & specialized bioinformatics software -- and more importantly, to apply the skills they get to address real scientific problems during the second part of the school! You can find out more about our international faculty team here.


Our program is aimed at young researchers with background in the fields of biology, mathematics, or computer science interested in gaining and improving their skills in bioinformatics and biological data analysis.

We accept students enrolled in Bachelor's or Master's programs who are citizens or residents of Ukraine. If you've just graduated - you are also eligible to apply (specify your graduation date/year in the application form). In exceptional cases, we will consider applications from PhD students enrolled in a university in Ukraine. 

If you have not written any computer software before, but are keen to learn the required coding skills for (biological) data science, this school may still be for you. We aim to be able to provide a limited number of places for such participants. Selected participants will be provided with links to courses and tutorials that will help them prepare for the course.

No, the school is fully bilingual and held in Ukrainian and English. You can apply even if you have very limited or no knowledge of the English language. The applications for this course are accepted in English and Ukrainian. We encourage you to fill out the application form in English if you feel that your language proficiency allows that. The admitted students will have an opportunity to engage in activities held in both languages independently of the language of their application. 

Participation in the course is free of charge - UBDS^3 will provide room and board and help cover travel costs to/from Uzhhorod.

Please fill in the form where we ask you to describe your current academic education level, scientific interests, computational skills and motivation to participate in the BDS^3 School. We also ask you to upload your CV (resume). For those of you who already code in any language, we ask you to provide a recent example of your code via a GitHub repository. If you do not have a GitHub account, in the form we provide instructions on how to create one.

We accept applications up to and including April 22, 2024.

We will notify all the applicants by email to let them know whether they have been selected to attend the School as soon as the evaluation process is complete (after April 22). 

The call for applications for UBDS^3 2024 is now closed. All applicants were notified about the decision regarding their application by email. If you haven't received such an email, please contact us after checking your spam folder.

We do not discriminate, in the admission process or otherwise, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other potentially discriminatory factors or circumstances.

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